The Township thanks Representative John Hornaman for supporting our request for emergency funding from the state to help with the extraordinary cost for this replacement.  We expect to receive Community Revitalization Program funds of $10,000, which will help us recover from the elimination of services necessitated to fund the replacement of the cross pipe.

On July 23-24 about three inches of rain fell in 6 hours which caused the failure of a large cross pipe on Francis Road between Brooks and Mohawk Roads. 

Because this is a vital transportation route, it’s actually the second most traveled road in Franklin Township, the Supervisors elected to replace the pipe on an emergency basis. 

Permits were secured and vendors were contacted and bid the work.

Chivers Construction was the low bidder.  The Township purchased the pipe from Lane Metal for nearly $27,000.  After engineering, installation and materials purchases the anticipated replacement cost is nearly $80,000. 

Because this is a substantial amount and funds were not available, the Supervisors decided to eliminate the gravel program and discontinue other maintenance programs planned to be completed during the remainder of the year.  Instead the Township crew will only do minimum maintenance and will shorten their work schedule. 

Through these measures the Township will have enough funds to do the replacement. 

Below find pictures of the replacement.

Francis Road reopened at 6 pm on September 3, 2008