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QRS  (Quick Response Service)

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  • QRS—Quick response service—An operation in which
    EMS providers of an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agency:

    Respond to an actual, reported or perceived emergency.

    Assist ambulance crews with additional manpower

    Provide Emergency Medical Services (EMS – EMR or EMT ) to patients pending the arrival of other EMS providers and resources ( ie Ambulance/ Transportable ) that have been dispatched to the scene.

    Provide great customer service to our neighbors in their time of need

What is QRS you ask?…… QRS is a Quick Response Service licensed by the PA Department of Health. The purpose of the QRS is to support/augment EMS responses. This unit carries most of the same equipment as an ambulance / transportable does.

Who comes with the QRS?….It is staffed by PA Department of Health certified medical personnel ( EMR EMT ). The QRS   PA DOH licensed personnel EMR and or EMT are capable of handling all types of calls until an ambulance / transportable unit arrives.

These include cardiac arrests, chest pain, trouble breathing, child birth, allergic reactions, broken bones, cuts/lacerations, seizures, altered level of consciousness, overdoses, falls, environmental emergencies, animal/snake bites and many others.

Franklin Township VFD Emergency Medical Services Agency responding as a QRS system are required to hold a PA DOH approved medical certification such as: Healthcare CPR/AED, Emergency Medical Responder (EMR ),  Emergency Medical Technician ( EMT ).

EMS Recruitment & Retention:

How do I help family and friends when they are sick or injured?… you can help your family and friends in many ways by volunteering. Check out some of the ways you can help.

Do you have a passion for healthcare? …Consider becoming an PA DOH Emergency Medical Responder or a Emergency Medical Technician.

Are you already a Registered nurse? Wondering what you can do to help the sick and injured? You can become a Pre Hospital Registerd Nurse. A pre hospital Registered nurse can provide care at the EMT Level.



This website is a collection of collaborative ideas for the Recruitment and Retention of those interested in Pre hospital – Emergency Medical Services. To use this collaborative document simply type your ideas on this sheet to share with others. Check back here often to see if any new ideas have been posted. Other ideas to share can be listed here also. Ideas such as “what to do” ideas in case of injury or illness.

Web sites that promote why people choose to become active in Pre hospital care thru EMS Emergency Medical Services.


EMS in PA:

EpiPlan® app — keep track of which allergens you and your family need to avoid:

Recruitment Resources:

Emmco West EMS Recruitment PSA July 4th Version (.mp3)