Speed Limits & Traffic Control 2-28-18

Second Class Township Code (searchable) (offsite link)

Assessment Installment Payments Authorized–Ord. 6-1996.pdf (63 KB)

Cable TV Franchise and Ordinance–Ord. 5-1994.pdf (376 KB)

Centralized County Dispatching–Ord. 3-2011.pdf (67 KB)

Driveway Installations–Ord. 2-1992.pdf (67 KB)

Earned Income Tax–Ord. 1-1985.pdf (384 KB)

Emergency Cost Recovery–Ord. 2-1991.pdf (22 KB)

Emergency Services Cost Recovery–Ord. 5-2010.pdf (75 KB)

Fire Loss Insurance Proceeds Encumbered Amdmt–Ord. 2-1998.pdf (68 KB)

Gas Well Emergency Information Requirements–Ord. 4-2010.pdf (31 KB)

Fire Loss Insurance Proceeds Encumbered–Ord. 5-1993.pdf (68 KB)

Intergovernmental Agreement with Erie County Next Generation Public Safety –Ordinance 1 of 2016

Intergovernmental Solid Waste–Ord. 6-1985.pdf (41 KB)

Joining EACOG–Ord. 1-2012.pdf (164 KB)

Junk Yards–Ord. 2-1978.pdf (317 KB)

Lewd Materials Regulation–Ord. 4-1994.pdf (147 KB)

Logging Permits and Road Access Amended–Ord. 4-1996.pdf (329 KB)

Municipal Waste Collection–Ord. 1-2021.pdf 

No Parking–Ord. 1-1996.pdf (18 KB)

Noise Abatement Ord. 1-2022

Nuisances as Amended–Ord. 1-1990 and 1-1991.pdf (149 KB)

Occupational Privilege Tax–Ord. 1-1978.pdf (282 KB)

Oil and Gas Access Roads–Ord. 2-1984.pdf (140 KB)

PA Local Govt Investment Trust–Ord. 3-1984.pdf (79 KB)

Participation in PSATS Health Insurance Cooperative Trust — Ordinance 5 of 2014

Participation in PSATS UC Group Trust – Ordinance – 4 of 2014

Per Capita Tax–Ord. 1972.pdf (45 KB)

Permits & Fees for Use of Rights of Way–Ordinance 1-2004.pdf (27 KB)

Pipelines in Rights-of-Way–Ord. 1-1984.pdf (29 KB)

Prohibiting Burning of Recyclables–Ord. 2-2001.pdf (77 KB)

Public Rights-of-Way–Ord. 2-1999.pdf (67 KB)

Radioactive Waste–Ord. 2-1990.pdf (767 KB)

Realty Transfer Tax–Ord. 1-1987.pdf (463 KB)

Regional Planning Commission–Ord. 1-2003.pdf (123 KB)

Rental Occupancy Reporting–Ord. 7-1985.pdf (90 KB)

Repeal Of Ordinance 1 of 1992 Public Assemblies– Ordinance 2 – 2014

Residential Tax Exemption for New Construction(LERTA)–Ord_4-2011.pdf

Retaining Tank Ordinance 1 – 2023

Road Race Permits as Amended–Ord. 2-1986 and 2-1987.pdf (151 KB)

Sewage Treatment Facilities–Ord. 2-1995.pdf (67 KB)

Short Term Rentals Ordinance 2 of 2023

Snow Emergency Parking and Snow Removal–Ord. 1-2001.pdf (80 KB)

Solar Energy & Wind Conversion Ordinance 3 of 2023

Speed limits and Traffic Control–Ord. 2-2000.pdf (75 KB)

Stormwater Management–Ord. 1-2011.pdf (1053 KB)

Stormwater Management Amendment to Ord 1-2011—Ord. 2-2018

Subdivision and Land Development–Ord. 1-2009.pdf  (315 KB)

Subdivision and Land Development Amendment to Ord. 1-2009 –Ord 1-2018

Supervisor Compensation–Ord. 4-1995.pdf (31 KB)

Uniform Construction Code Opt-out–Ord. 2-2012.pdf

Uniform House Numbering–Ord. 2-1980.pdf (56 KB)

Utility Cuts–Ord. 1974.pdf (48 KB)

Vacating Roads–Ord. 1-1986.pdf (52 KB)

Weight Limits and Road Closings–Ord. 3–2004.pdf (17 KB)

West Erie County EMA COG and Agreement–Ord. 3-2010.pdf (317 KB)

Western Trail Drive Acceptance–Ord. 3-2002.pdf (78 KB)

Zoning Map Change — Ordinance 1 of 2014

Zoning Map Change– Ordinance 3 of 2014

Zoning Ordinance – Franklin Township – Ordinance No. 1-2015

Zoning Ordinance Amendment to Ord 1-2015.– Ord 3-2018